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  Our comparative advantage over our competitors lies in our resources, which are our skilled manpower and expertise as well as equipment and technology.

Skilled Manpower and Expertise

Covering 32,402 square feet, the factory plant also incorporates administrative headquarters, thus ensuring CIMSB's capability for speedy decisions and the ability to handle any project of any size or scope.

At CIMSB, we maintain a permanent core workforce of highly skilled personnel, comprising of engineers, electricians, technicians, welders, fitters and boiler makers. Four separate sub-contracted personnel teams are maintained for generic contract aspects.

With permanent personnel, CIMSB has a speedy deployment time. Our workforce is also trained in the latest techniques, ensuring continuous growth for the company. In addition they undergo periodic training to improve themselves.

Equipment and Technology

CIMSB management believes in consistent equipment and technology investment as well as deploying solutions that are the latest and best in the field. Sound investment policies have been implemented since 1979, to ensure quality.