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  We handle all our activities in a very thorough manner. This means there will be complete coverage of all aspects of the contract, from design to installation.

Paint Finishing Lines
Our main product consists of our Paint Finishing Lines. In providing for every customer need or want, we ensure the inclusion of components such as the Pretreatment Plant, Spray Booth, Oven and Conveyors into the contract, thus eliminating the often complex and costly need for subcontractors.

Heating Equipment
Heating equipment is often needed in assembly lines involving paint and other liquids. Our systems include Dryers, Ovens, Furnaces and Heat Generators besides the basic functions.

Conveyor & Handling Equipment
These systems are integral to the smooth running of an assembly line. Included in our systems are Belts, Rollers, Chains and Overhead Conveyors for maximum usage.

Rubber Glove Machineries
We provide a complete system inclusive of all machineries including the Latex Dipping Line, Dryers and Auto-Strippers.